South Loop Library …. with Mrs. Martin-Eatinger

S.O.A.R. has come to South Loop!
S.O.A.R. (Seeking Online Access to Resources) is our new online catalog! See what books are available at the South Loop Library from the comfort of your very own home! We are adding a link to our website, but if you can’t wait, go to and look up S for South Loop School and start browsing!!! Soon, my older students (4th grade on up) will be expected to use SOAR each week and come ready with their list (title, author, call #) for check-out. While using SOAR, if a student discovers a book they want is already checked out, they can put it on hold from their own computer! This special feature only works with the older students who will have log-in privileges.
1st grade may check out 1 book and 2nd- 8th graders may check out 2-3 books each week. They may, on occasion, check out more for a special assignment. Even though book check-out is every week, books may be kept for 2 weeks and renewed 1 time for an additional 2 weeks. If books are late, there is no fee but the student will receive a reminder every month when a book is overdue. Sometimes the computer will automatically print out the cost of the book in case the book is lost. You only owe that money if the book is indeed lost. If the book is lost you must pay for the book in cash. Your child will receive a receipt. It is best if your child pays for it from his or her piggy bank. Teaching responsibility is one of the goals of a children’s library. Please sign & return this form so your child may begin check-out privileges. Thank you and look for my quarterly newsletters! If you have any questions, please email me at

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I have read the information and my child understands the responsibility of borrowing library materials. I give permission for my child to check-out books.

Child’s nameRm. Parent’s signature: