South Loop Library- The Library Lowdown

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Mrs. Martin-Eatinger- Librarian & Neighbor(email me: you are new (or just forgetful)I am your school librarian! This is my 12th year at South Loop and my 18th year as a Librarian. I also live next door. My two daughters are also at South Loop in 4th and 7th grades. I have a full schedule with units and projects, aligned with our school curriculum and state standards. I see almost every class once a week for 50-60 minutes.

1st grade: 1 book2-8th: 2 booksAdditional books may be checked out for special projects.
1st & 2nd Quarter Overview
Kindergarten-1STLibraries & Book CareLeo the Library mouse helps the students learn about libraries and how to properly care for books.

2nd-4th: Dewey & early research skills
It’s time to get serious about research! Students learn how to use S.O.A.R. to find a favorite book to check-out. They also get to learn how to open an online book (e-book) from SOAR to read on their computer at home. We will also get to examine several online databases (paid for by CPS & available thru our school website). Students will become familiar and hopefully comfortable, using these resources for their school projects.

5th-8thScience Fair assistance using their recently developed research skills